A look back at some fun times!

On October 3rd, Amanda and Pei Yee hosted a Malaysian Night for us! They cooked a number of Malaysian dishes for the guests to enjoy including Nasi Lemak and Beef Rendang. All the guests also brought food to share and it was overall an incredible feast! Mike and I brought coconut sticky rice with jackfruit and some carrot cupcakes😉


October 15 was date day with Michael! As per his wishes, we went golfing at Emu Park. The course was green, the sky was blue and we had a great day out together.




Unfortunately, I suffer incredible reactions to insect bites and lived in agony from tiny sandflies bites over the next week😦


Very surprisingly, my favourite rotation of 2015 was Surgery. Me, of all people! I had an incredible time with the surgical team, enjoyed the work and the cases, felt supported and was constantly learning. We had a lovely farewell dinner with the consultants and registrars on October 22 at The Spice Route. Thank you everyone for a great time on Surgery – I definitely miss it!


The following night was the Hospital Masquerade Ball, held at the Leichardt Hotel. The food was terrible but luckily the band was good and the company better. Would we pay that much to go again next year? Probably not to be honest!


Having a photo booth was fun!






This gorgeous couple – nearly ready to meet their little one!


And my handsome man:)


More to come for the month of October!

(I know, please bear with me. It’s April and I’m back blogging for October. But it’s because I want a record of my memories!)


September 29, 2016

Our last ful day in Adelaide! How quick time flew by!

We started off the morning going to Central Market with the Lewington Family – so much good food! Michael and I have always loved markets and this was certainly one filled with lots of sights and smells.





We enjoyed a few snacks for breakfast/lunch including sandwiches, and this kim chi and sweet potato fritter from Let Them Eat!



We forgot to take some photos but we most definitely also bought cakes/pastries from this wonderful shop! Don’t have anything like this in Rockhampton so definitely had to take advantage😉


And who could resist this delectable baklava? Best I’ve had in years!


We also picked up a snack to enjoy back home – Mushroom Pate from Little Acre McLaren Vale – yum, it was as delicious as it sounds.



Matt then left for work while the rest of went to see more of the city.

Took a nice walk down to Rundle Mall




Rundle Mall reminds us of Queen St Plaza in Brisbane


Caught the end of a street performance with floating glass balls/orbs


Isabelle had a ton of fun running around in the open and playing by the water fountains


‘The Mall’s Balls’



Coffee stop!



Lots of photos of Isabelle!



Stopping for coffee gave a chance to people watch…






The dilemma of having too many choices of board games…


That evening, we went to Star House for a dim sum dinner with Matt. For the first time in my very short professional career, I had the opportunity to identify myself as a doctor in public. Right as our food was being served, a very intoxicated woman fell to the ground in front of the cash register beside our table. She was conscious and fine, but traveling alone, so we stayed with her until the ambulance arrived. Food was good though!

Spent the rest of the night and the next morning with the Lewingtons before heading to the airport and back to the real world!

Thank you so much to Matt, Laura and Isabelle for letting us stay with them, so great to spend time with you and seeing Adelaide together!

Adelaide: Day 3 – Dinner at The Moseley

September 28, 2015

After a wander down Jetty Rd, we decided to have dinner at The Moseley Bar & Kitchen. They have a sit down restaurant on the first floor and a bar restaurant upstairs.

As we have never been to The Moseley, based on the menu alone, we decided to eat in their downstairs restaurant.

Lovely lighting and what a welcoming view! Bright, uniquely furnished, warm, spacious, and casual – just what we were looking for.


We had not made reservations but did not have any issues. We were shown to some couches and coffee table as our dining area. Interesting wall beside us filled with old window panels.


Eye drawing and installed at the front of the restaurant are comfy hanging white wicker chairs. We couldn’t resist a swing after dinner😉


Our lovely company for the night!


Started off the evening with some fresh bread!


Isabelle and I still working on our selfie game😉


Matt and Laura decided on the same dish – Ricotta Gnocchi with kale, broccolini & almonds ($25) which they both enjoyed!


Michael and I were interested in trying a few of the entrees!

Pork Belly Japanese ramen broth with shaved bug tails and wheat noodles ($15). We both thought this dish could’ve been much better, it just needed actual hot broth! When we first tasted the dish, the pork belly was unfortunately dry, but the egg was nicely cooked, flavour of the broth and texture of the noodles were good. The broth, however, was lukewarm and as a result, the bug tails weren’t fully cooked, not to mention it’s odd eating a ramen dish that was neither hot nor cold. We asked the staff if this dish was meant to be room temperature and she happily offered to ask the kitchen to make us a fresh bowl. Sadly, the second bowl came out at the same temperature! If you are not serving noodles in a cold broth, it should come out steaming hot!


Aside from the above mentioned fluke, the rest of the food was good!

We had Chicken, leek & truffle pithivier with frisée, bacon & croutons ($16). We learned a new word that night. Normally a sweet dish, a Pithivier is a round, enclosed pie usually made by baking two disks of puff pastry, with filling stuffed in between.


Twice baked gruyere souffle with apple & walnut salad, Waldorf sorbet, & quince paste ($15). As you can imagine, all the components worked really well together. The sorbet was refreshing but we still don’t know what flavours Waldorf sorbet entails – totally forgot to ask!


Last, but definitely our favourite of the night, Duck liver pate with goji berry jelly & charred house made bread ($15). Indulgent, and a really nice balance of savoury and sweet. We weren’t expecting the jelly to be a layer overtop the pate but it was great! We couldn’t get enough of the charred bread as well – it should come with more to prolong the enjoyment of the pate😉


Enjoyable evening with great service and a welcoming atmosphere. We would love to come back if we lived in Adelaide and definitely recommend a visit!

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Adelaide: Day 3 – Sunset at Glenelg

September 28, 2015

After the day exploring Hahndorf, we had ambitious plans to watch the sun set at Glenelg – a popular beach suburb complete with numerous hotels and a variety of restaurants.

Unfortunately, we just missed the sunset but there was still light and the colours were amazing!

Walked out onto the pier (it was cold!) to enjoy the lapping waves and darkening skies. Also a number of fishermen on the pier hoping for a catch.



Pink wisps in the sky



Enjoying the view


An attempt at some family photos! Unfortunately, I didn’t realise my camera settings were way off, sorry for the terrible quality!


At this time, Baby Emeline was coming soon!😉



My favourite photo of the night


Dark blues and pinks




After sunset, we wandered down Jetty Rd checking out the options for dinner. We ended up deciding on The Moseley Bar & Kitchen and had a fantastic dinner. Will tell you more about it in a separate post!

We went home for a dessert bake off – cinnamon buns – Michael vs Laura. The winner? Matt and I! Haha, both were delicious and everyone was a winner:)

Michael made a yeast dough version which required extra time and love.


Laura used a non-yeast recipe that was also delicious and even had apples! These were definitely the inspiration for my quick and easy cinnamon rolls now!


A great third night in Adelaide! Thanks again Lewingtons!

Adelaide: Day 3 – Lunch at the Haus

September 28, 2015

Spending a relaxing morning exploring Hahndorf still worked up quite an appetite! We had walked by the Haus earlier in the day and really liked their spacious outdoor tables and large menu selection, which made the decision easy. But if you’d prefer to sit indoors, there is plenty of seating as well!



Lots of room for Isabelle to enjoy herself


Laura enjoyed a light lunch comprising of Soup of the Day $10.90 with Ciabatta bread. She couldn’t remember exactly what type of soup, but it was rustic, definitely made of root vegetables and delicious!


Isabelle enjoyed a Little Peoples meal of Ham, Cheese & Pineapple Pizza ($9.90) that Laura eventually helped her with as well. Decent sized, cheesy and tasty!

We also enjoyed a side of Haus Beer Battered Chips with Garlic Aioli ($6.90) – yum!

Now this is definitely something we would recommend to another visitor – the Beer Tasting Paddle with your choice of 4 Beers/Cider on tap with Local Nuts/Jerky ($15). Definitely ask for the bartender’s suggestions and be adventurous, this is a great deal!


Michael and I shared the Trio of Wursts – Chef’s selection of German specialty sausages: Bockwurst, Bratwurst & Cheese Kransky with creamy mustard potato bake, sauerkraut, red wine sauce & German mustards ($29.90). Filling and delicious! The favourite between us was definitely the Bratwurst, but we really enjoyed them all.


Our disappointment in this meal were the Organic Pretzels ($4 each). Perhaps we are used to the soft, chewy, buttery soft pretzels in North America but these ones were unfortunately quite tough and almost dry. We wouldn’t get these again next time.


Overall a lovely lunch with great food! The service was fantastic and they have quite an extensive menu with something for everyone. We would definitely come back for another meal to try out more of their food selection if we are ever back in Hahndorf. Check it out if you’re visiting!

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Adelaide: Day 3 – Hahndorf

September 28, 2015

After breakfast at home with the Laura and Isabelle, we headed off to Hahndorf – Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia.

Hahndorf was definitely worth a visit! Very quaint with many shops to visit – from bakeries, candy shops, finding beautiful handmade candles, puppets and more! And of course, can’t forget the selection of different German restaurants to dine at!

My favourite photo taken in Hahndorf, I hope this will be Michael and I one day! At the very least, our height discrepancies will be accurate!:)


We almost immediately stopped in Copenhagen for some freshly made cinnamon sugar donuts… mmm!



With an extensive menu, it was difficult not to order more on the menu, like waffles, pancakes, crepes, and ice cream!


Mmm, piping hot… could have so many of these!


My handsome partner!


Lots of opportunity for nice photos!






Stopped in for a visit at Heritage Museum Art Gallery. Beautiful handmade pieces of jewellery and art, although no money to buy!😉




An empty gallery upstairs with remnants of Autumn Festival lanterns.


Couldn’t resist a stop into Humbugs to stock up on some sweets! So many to choose from!



Really delicious selection of fudge!


Isabelle was definitely excited!


Quick visit to 3 Wishes Candle Barn to check out their beautiful candles and pick up a gift for our wonderful friend, Amanda!




Some beautiful wooden works including clocks and puppets at the German Village Shop



Alpaca fleece products from The Alpaca Shop! Gorgeously soft pieces but also quite expensive!


All the above mentioned shops are definitely worth a visit! Can surely find a little something for yourself or a loved one without much effort!

Next up – our delicious lunch at The Haus cafe+bar+kitchen!

Adelaide: Day 2 -Dinner at Samurai Teppanyaki House

September 27, 2015

Hungry… Matt, Mike and I were driving down The Parade looking for an inviting establishment for dinner.

Michael spotted the word Samurai and that was all it took to find parking and walk back to the restaurant.

Samurai Teppanyaki House is a tiny establishment with novel decor that serves… you know it, teppanyaki.

Deprived of good Japanese food all year, seeing the chef at work, and watching the patrons happily enjoying their food, it didn’t take much convincing for us to ask to be seated.

The staff apologised that they didn’t have seating for 3 at the grill so we could have a better view of the chef at work. We said it was not a problem and actually didn’t mind sitting at a window table. And, as you can see, we still had a good view!


For those who aren’t familiar with teppenyaki – it is Japanese cuisine cooked on an iron griddle. Teppan = iron plate and yaki = grilled/panfried. As the grills are often an open space, you can watch the chef prepare your dishes in front of you.

The menu was small, simple, and tantalizing. But yes, it was also pricey. I would not suggest visiting this restaurant unless you were prepared to spend $50+.


It took a while to make up our minds because everything sounded delicious, but we did eventually.


All 3 of us decided on a Teppanyaki set which includes: miso soup, coleslaw salad, 3 protein dishes, grilled vegetables, garlic fried rice, and ice cream. Yum!

Both the miso soup and coleslaw salad were refreshing!


Michael chose Bugs Teppanyaki set – Moreton Bay Bugs with wasabi aoili, Aussie calamari with spicy BBQ sauce, and lamb backstrap with black pepper ($57).

The calamari serving was generous and grilled perfectly – leaving it tender and not chewy.


Our first time trying Moreton Bay Bugs. Delicious, somewhat similar to lobster, but mildly disappointed that they have so little flesh!


Lamb backstrap cooked medium rare as he likes it!


I chose the No. 1 Teppanyaki set – Atlantic Salmon with citrus ponzu sauce, Aussie prawn with garlic coriander, and beef tenderloin with garlic peppercorn ($43). Unfortunately, they didn’t have beef tenderloin so I exchanged with duck breast with plum sauce (+$14). To be honest, I felt that if they didn’t have a component offered on the menu, another option should be offered at no extra cost, but I didn’t say anything about it at the time.

Salmon was not overcooked paired with a subtle ponzu sauce leaving the dish well balanced.


Only 3 prawns but they were large, fresh, and bouncy! Also well seasoned and cooked too.


My portion of duck was larger than anticipated (yay) with crispy skin, however, I do wish the fat was more rendered!


Matt made his own set as he is vegetarian choosing Hervey Bay Scallops, Atlantic salmon, and Aussie Calamari ($41).

His scallops were good but lack the nice grilled/fried colour many like to see.


Can’t forget our fried rice and grilled veggies – it was delish!


We finished our night with some green tea and black sesame ice cream – which we haven’t had in almost a year!

An unexpected but delicious and satisfying dinner out in Adelaide which partly satisfied our Japanese cuisine craving! Would definitely recommend a visit to our friends, for the service, atmosphere and food.:)

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