This is a hard-to-explain collection of lines I’ve put together over the years. The majority of them are lyrics from songs, some I wrote, and others are from poems, etc…

I call these Abstract Pearls because they are a mix of “Pearls of Wisdom” and “Abstract.” To me, they are beautiful and up for interpretation. I hope you find enjoyment in these as I do.

Nothing is as eloquent as nothing – Cloud Atlas

The pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor.

The mockery of friends is affectionate, and inoculates against foolishness – Forever Odd by Dean Koontz

The world is becoming a melting pot of various cultures – Rodney Jerkins

You need to speculate in order to accumulate.

Crack of dawn, all is gone except the will to be. Now the will see what will be, blinded eyes to see.

And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Flying higher on the floor.

Telling lies truthfully.

Our eyes are wide but we don’t see.

Darkest light illuminate all the things I love to hate.

She’s a work of art and a battle zone.

The vicissitudes of time.

Will you be rare and bloody with your soul exposed or well done, a charcoal surface with your insides froze.

The sharp edged shadows.

Trying to see the beauty minus the black inside.

Storms rage across metallic skies reflecting in the multi faceted eyes…

I’m moving your mental feet in complex dances and jigs.

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer.

Your essence like a wild rose in the garden of my heart.

Waves are pounding fiercely against my head, filling fast my heart with dread.

Candles winked, champagne glasses clinked, all under the aura of romance.

Life is the art of being well deceived.

The thread won’t divide us, the sensation survives.

I will sail through the eye of the storm, just to die in your arms.

There’s a line that you can’t see, but I know exactly where I stand.

Hold me tonight and lead me to the other side.

I’m the pain you tasted, fell intoxicated.

You’re the right kind of sinner to release my inner fantasies.

No line of attack has been planned to fight back the tears.

Your eyes are ice cold blue, a mirror of the heart inside of you.

You were my summer breeze, my winter sun, my springtime soul and my autumn touch of gold.

Blind to this impending fate, we let the world carry our weight.

I trusted you and that would be my first mistake.

Too much to find, so much so little time. So many images persist to shade my mind.

We are 2 souls entwined in a calming oneness.

Blackened roar massive roar fills the crumbling sky. Shattered goal fills his soul with a ruthless cry.

To escape from the true false world.

Emotional attachment is really not a threat when I’m simply not concerned.

But it’s so hard to see the reality that the end will be the end of things.

This one last bullet you mention is my one last shot at redemption.

Don’t touch the positive with a negative end ’cause after all of the sparks you’re left alone in the dark.

If you’re my dream please come true.

And from a lack of my persistency, we’re less than half as close as I want to be.

So fall back on all of your premonitions and just learn to listen to those that have more wisdom than you.

Sometimes it feels like I’m looking through a pane of glass, I can see your mouth move but can’t hear the words.

A soul soothing silence.

Even though these questions still remain, time won’t change a single thing.

If this is a dream, I’ll keep my eyes wide shut forever…

Making the best of the days that’s making up the worst of years.

In a room with a single light at the centre of the universe.

The flower of earthly splendour in time must surely die.

Captivated by the mystery of the sunset

When no one understands, I’ll believe.

When the light disappears, and when this world’s insincere, you’ll be safe here.

It’s far beyond a star. It’s near beyond the moon.

Take me to a place that I have never been. Where I can escape and paradise begins.

In my fairytale, is where I want to stay. My reality, is driving me insane.

It rips into me, I’m bleeding inside in my mind

Faraway, a distant star.

Beneath the silver moon

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.

There’s a secret place, hidden deep and far away, where life is but a dream.

It’s a lie. A kiss with opened eyes.

Behind this smile is everything you will never understand.

Only time will tell the way that it goes. You just never know the way it flows

The sun and moon could never fly together in the sky as one.

Betrayal is a poison, lovers never fail to drink.

Wanted by many, taken by none, looking at some, waiting for one.

Broken up, deep inside, but you won’t get to see the tears I cry

I knew you in another life, you were the tears I used to cry. Now you’re the storm inside the wave

The summer rain in your eyes.

Blue days & black nights.

Look and see the sky turn red, like blood it covers over me. And soon the sea shall give up her dead. We’ll raise an empire from the bottom of the sea

The stars retreat behind their veil.

Seven days a week of truth and fantasy.

A golden moonrise.

Morning has broken in paradise.

Pasts of deception.

True perception, pure deception.

Perfection in a scar.

Some questions are better left without a reason, and I would rather reveal myself than my situation

The more the light shines through me, the more the dark consumes me.

Tell me again about the spark that met the flame

And dying eyes consume me now, The voice inside me screams out loud.

The end has no end the end has no end.

The medicated state of mind.

This could be the very minute I’m aware I’m alive.

Just like a curse, just like a stray. You feed it once and now it stays.

Welcome to where time stands still, no one leaves and no one will.

Sleep, my friend, and you will see that dream is my reality.

Freezing all of the cold goodbyes, one more night within the skies.

Like a falling star that shines in stormy weather.

Silver wings silhouetted against a child’s sunrise.

This timeless day, you smiled my name, and stole my heart away.

Golden rose, the color of the dream I had.

More complicated, more wary, like the calm ocean before a raging storm.

So beautiful yet so ominous

The derivative you manage is the one you abhor.

White flames of anger.

What I’ve felt, what I’ve known, never shined through what I’ve shown.

Never be, never see, won’t see what might have been.

Long since dried, when we are found, are the tears in which we had drowned.

The music poured through the speakers and we were losing ourselves in the cadence.

Up ahead there was a curve approaching. She made no indications of slowing.

Fill your eyes in the strains of thought outside the warm embracing air

I saw a place I’d never seen before, and that moment I refused to close my eyes anymore

In fields where nothing grew but weeds, I found a flower at my feet, bending there in my direction.

Floating down, the sound resounds around the icy waters underground.

There’s someone in my head but it’s not me.

The child is grown. The dream is gone. And I have become comfortably numb.

While I pondered on this dangerous but irresistible pastime.

I knew the moment had arrived for killing the past and coming back to life.

All that’s to come and everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.

Steps taken forwards but sleepwalking back again.

Into the distance, a ribbon of black, stretched to the point of no turning back.

Out of the corner of my watering eye, a dream unthreatened by the morning light.

A soul in tension that’s learning to fly.

Awakes to a morning with no reason for waking

I murmured a vow of silence and now I don’t even hear when I think aloud.

Extinguished by light I turn on the night.

Wear its darkness with an empty smile.

A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere.

The coast disappeared when the sea drowned the sun.

But I know your heart belongs to someone you’ve yet to meet.

‘Cause I built you a home in my heart with rotten wood and it decayed from the start.

No tall tales time to understand.

Heckling demons mocking their victims.

The deception of hell is a realization of a lie found too late.

Extended arms of death, self control falls to be slain.

You used to captivate me by your resonating light.

Feeling no shame, no proof no evidence of my pain.

Black heart scarring darker still, but there’s no sun shining through.

Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me.

Put your head against my life, what do you hear? A million words, just trying to make the love song of the year.

Close your eyes but don’t forget what you have heard.

Everything changes but beauty remains.

Mais la vie sépare ceux qui s’aiment, tout doucement sans faire du bruit.

Moon valleys rising above the curtains of night.

Sailing toward the stars in the still tide.

We stand in awe before that which cannot be seen.

The young woman embraced the dark with a liquid voice of fire and poison.

Take a breath and hold on tight, spin around one more time and gracefully fall back to the arms of grace.

The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful.

My atonement lasts the best part of eternity.

We make mistakes but we apologize with roses we never stop to smell along the way.

These lives we live test negative for happiness.

Flat line, no pulse, but eyes open.

Single file like soldiers on a mission. If theres no war outside our heads
Why are we losing?

Hanging out to dry I’m soaking with the sense of knowing what’s gone wrong but doing nothing I still run.

Time again I have found myself stuttering, foundations pulled out from under me.

Is there a God tonight? Up in the sky or is it empty just like me. A place where we can hide out from the night where you are all I see. So blow a kiss goodbye, close your eyes, tell me what you see. A life that’s set inside this dream of mine, where you are all I see.

I’m forever there. I’m your dream, make you real. I’m your eyes when you must steal. I’m your pain when you can’t feel. I’m your dream, mind astray. I’m your eyes while you’re away. I’m your pain while you repay.

With hell in my eyes and with death in my veins, the end is closing in.

Feeding on the minds of man and from their souls within.

I am stalking you as prey, living your life as me I am you you see.

Well on my way, but on my way to where I’ve been, it follows me as it takes me in its fog. I twist away as I give this world the nod.

So tear me open, pour me out. There’s things inside that scream and shout.

So tear me open but beware. There’s things inside without a care.

This thorn in my side is from the tree I’ve planted.


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