Going by Long Xuyen…

… to visit Ba Coc Tam as well as Ba Coc Chin in Can Tho on August 3, 2010!

Ba Sau and Ba Chin rented a 16-seat van and came to pick us up in Phung Hiep from Cai Quanh. A bunch of other people came along including Di Tham and her son Khiem, another aunt (Ba Chin’s daughter in law) and her daughter Thy (yep, same name as me!) and another little boy (forgot his name, but is Di Tham’s nephew). Hia Bo and Thanh also came along with us that day. We hit the road early in the morning, stopping for lunch on the way.

We went to visit Ba Coc Tam first (my mom’s dad’s mom’s sister). She has not changed much since our last visit 3 years ago, still seems strong and healthy. Unfortunately, from observation, it seems that she is suffering from Alzheimer’s to some degree. The residence she is staying at is extremely beautiful and serene. She and the other ladies staying there seem to be well cared for and not lacking anything. We also met the Sister from France who is currently in charge. She seemed like a good person and had very good interaction with Ba Coc Tam.

On the way back, we stopped in Can Tho for dinner at Pho Oanh, after which we went to visit Ba Coc Chin (Ba Coc Tam’s younger sister) and Ong Hai Chieu (my mom’s dad’s cousin). It was a brief but enjoyable visit. Ong Hai was very hospitable, taking us on a tour, telling us the history of our family, even taking us out into their garden to pick some trai sake (breadfruit). Very jolly and talkative! Quite a difference from my memory of him from our last visit.

Ba Coc Chin’s house is huge, she tried to get us to stay overnight but we had to kindly decline and head home!

Some pictures!
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The following pictures were taken inside of Chua Quan Phong Monastery – Nhung hinh tiep la chup trong Tu Vien Chua Quan Phong

Pictures of Ba Coc Tam – Hinh cua Ba Coc Tam

Stopping in Can Tho for dinner and to visit Ba Coc Chin – Ghe Can Tho an chieu va tham Ba Coc Chin