Oh food…

… how I love thee!

Everyone knows, I love food. Smelling it, looking at it, eating it, I’m all over it.

I’ve been watching The King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo – the most successful Korean drama aired this year (last episode came out this week!) which revolves around baking. Specifically, bread. My, how I miss the smell of bread rising in the oven! *Looks and whines at mommy* Anyone who is looking for an Asian drama to watch, let this one be your next. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Everything about it is stunning from the plot to the acting. Not to mention you will just want to go out there and eat a lot of bread…

Yesterday, I FINALLY heeded Amin’s suggestion and watched MasterChef USA with Gordon Ramsay. Fell in looooove and finished watching the entire first season by this morning. I mean… what? I’m not a slob. Watching these “amateurs” create mouthwatering meals one after another has inspired me to get in the kitchen more. I am, after all, leaving for Australia in less than 4 months where I will have to feed myself! Better hone what little skills I have and learn as much as I can now before I starve myself over there! 😦 Hahaha

Today, probably due to watching so much food TV, I kind of wanted to eat crepes. I also had 2 Granny Smith apples in the fridge. Can you guess what I did next? Yep, crepes with apple filling… from scratch (oh boy). I’ve never made crepes before in my life, so I printed out the first recipe I saw from a Google search and just went with it. I didn’t follow a recipe for the apple filling, but went with what I knew. After soaking in salt water (yea, normal people probably don’t do this part, but I like a hint of saltiness in a sweet dish), added some brown sugar, nutmeg, and of course, cinnamon. I also added some Ritz cracker bits but shh, don’t tell anyone. The crepes were ordinary at best, definitely nothing fantastic, but me loves me apple filling! ❤ I honestly don’t know how it turned out so much to my liking. Um, probably won’t be able to do that again, darn eyeballing!

Final product: Crepes filled with cinnamon apples and grated Swiss cheese.