Friggin huge…

… spiders! Die damn it, die!

I reallyyyyy detest spiders. They are scary, and even scarier when they are humongous and string up a huge web in a location I am most likely to walk right into. And lately, I’ve been seeing quite a number of them on our property… grrr!!!!!

Like this one below, that decided to make its home between our van and the fence. GAH! This one’s body was probably as big as a dime, if not, a penny.

And I’m assuming it’s the same spider as the one we filmed a few weeks ago creating its web in the middle of the night:

I made…


We had kumquats in our fridge so I decided to make cookies! I should cook more and bake less T_T. Kumquat peels are super thin, sweet, and aromatic, soooo… I had to take advantage of that!

Also folded in some cinnamon and sugar swirls too. (I loooove cinnamon)

They tasted pretty decent! And were not as burnt as they look in the pictures below, hahaha!