My to do list…

… for Australia is slowly getting checked off!

  • Apply for my student visa (goodbye $550!)
  • Book appointments for: X-rays, blood tests, and medical examination (This Wednesday! Goodbye another $200!)
  • Book appointment with pediatrician to have immunization forms completed (Tonight!)
  • Apply for OSAP
  • Apply for bank loans
  • Look into flights and airfares, to depart around January 2-4, 2011 (OMG, why so expensive?!)
  • Renew First Aid & CPR C Certificate
  • Complete Medical Questionnaire
  • Apply for my Blue Card
  • Get travel insurance
  • Designate someone to have power of attorney for me
  • Write letters to wealthy people (Canadians & Steve Jobs most likely)
  • Lots of shopping & lots of packing… hahahaha

I’m proud, because I pretty much got all of this done this weekend =) Although there’s probably a lot more I have to do that I don’t remember at the moment…