I finally…

… got a haircut!

This actually happened last week, after I took my mom to lunch at PLAY Food & Wine (I will be writing an entry on this restaurant soon!).

Ever since I’ve been keeping my hair short, I go from one place to another to get my hair cut HOPING I will find someone who cuts it to my preference. I don’t think I’ve ever had any true “disasters” in the past… I mean, hair is just hair, it looks fine again once it grows out a little. But I have yet to find someone who can give me a lovely haircut for a great price. Mind you, I’m always trying out Asian places, that could be why…

White places = better quality cut = much more expensive ($40 and up)
Asian places = hit or miss cut = less expensive ($35 and down)

Man, I need to find that place which offers a perfect balance!

This is what I look like now! I hate self portraits, took me forever to get one with my actual head in the frame! I’m sure it could look a lot better if only I styled it… meh! It resembles the cut that had Amin and my siblings calling me fob for at least a month… T_T