A blast from…


Below you will find an array of ancient pictures. This will be particularly amusing for family members… I know I had a lot of fun going through these!

It’s definite that my mom played a part in my interest for photography. Her careful and extensive photo-documentation of our lives from the time we were babies, as well as her attempt to preserve the few cherished memories that were brought over from Vietnam only make me appreciate these stills of time even more.

My mom (right) and her sister (Di Nam) at least 25 years ago! (Vietnam)

This is what my mom and Di Nam look like now

Left to right: My grandma (mom's mom) and Ba Vu (mom's godmother) in the back with my mom and her sister (Di Nam) in front. This must've been around... 40 years ago (Vietnam)

Remember Ba Vu? We visited her in  Can Tho when we went to Vietnam!

My mom at least 25 years ago. My sister looks very much like our mom in this picture! (Vietnam)

My mom back in 1980. Yep, that is 30 years ago! (Vietnam)

My great grandpa (mom's mom's dad) back in 1986

Left to right: My mom, Trang (Ong Ba Ut's adopted daughter) and Di Nam

Cau Ba (mom's brother) and Ong Ut Do around 25 years old

We also saw Ong Ut Do during our visit to Vietnam!

Front row: Di Nam, my grandma, and my mom around 25 years ago. Picture was taken after the relocation of my grandma's grandparents tombs into Lang Sen, Vietnam

This is how the tombs currently look like.

A picture of my greatparents (mom's dad's parents). Vietnam

My mom (4th from left) followed by Di Rosidah (Di Maridam's younger sister) and Di Nam

My mom about 25 years ago!

My dad around 25 years ago!

My parents around 25 years ago (Vietnam)

And again!

An almost complete family picture. Back row: Di Nam (6th from the left), followed by Cau Hai, Cau Ba, Ong Ut Do, Ong Duong Muoi. Front row: Di Maridam (1st from left), Mommy, Grandma, Grandpa's parents, Grandma's parents, Ong Bay (grandpa's younger brother), Ba Bay (and their children). I don't know who the last lady on the right is. The last man on the right is the family's boat driver. Approx. 25 years ago.

Same picture with less people

Around 25 years ago. Left to right: Mommy, Di Nam, Grandma, Cau Hai and Cau Ba. My grandpa and Cau Tu were already in Canada at this time.

Di Nam and my mom (Vietnam)

My grandma was reunited with my grandpa in 1987 in Edmonton, AB. This photo was taken during an outing to Jasper Park.

Mom's dad's parents (Year unknown).

Mom's mom's parents (1989)

Cau Hai and Cau Ba. How boss does Cau Ba look with that overcoat? (Canada)