I watched this…

… with a smile plastered on my face throughout the entire thing. Honestly.

Once in a while, you come across small things (like this clip) that serve as an inspiration and a reminder to always go after your heart’s desires. It is always better late than never. Sometimes, you jump in head first without any expectations, and you are unexpectedly overwhelmed by the amount of support and love you receive. Life is always like that and if you’re extremely lucky, you experience it on a grand scale. Even if that doesn’t happen, you are still surrounded by warmth and encouragement… just take a close look around at your family and friends.


The shaking microphone is just so adorable. How powerful is this tiny woman?!

If you’re like me…

… you watch YouTube, and often, just a tad too much.

Music, comedy, dances, news, educational programs, etc. It is simply impossible to run out of stuff to watch on YT. We’ve recently made our mom come to realization that EVERYTHING is on YT… (except porn of course).

Many people showcase their talents through originals, but even more upload covers. Song covers, dance covers, musical covers, etc!

Since I have a thing for Kpop right now… you know it, I regularly check out song and dance covers of my favourites! Known as the best dance school in South Korea, dance covers by defdance students never fail to impress me! If you haven’t seen their stuff yet, check out their YOUTUBE CHANNEL.


EAT YOU UP by BOA (Original MV)
(Can’t say I like this song very much… but I do love the dancing!)
[Click here for a live performance]

(The girl in pink is FIERCE!)

HUH by 4MINUTE (Original MV)
(Song starts at 0:30. Love Hyuna’s fiery hair)

(I actually like this one more than 4Minute’s live performances)

There are obviously many many good dance covers out there… which ones are your favourites?

Power outage…

… in my neighbourhood today! For almost an hour I think.

What did I do after almost being bored to death? Took out my watercolours and painted the Mona Lisa!!! DON’T LAUGH AT ME!

I bought a canvas (16″x20″), for $2.00 at Dollarama, that already had details of the Mona Lisa sketched out (didn’t see that one coming did ya!). Needless to say the sketching didn’t help much, except for the face, since there are no hard lines in the painting.

After looking at the finished product, my mom said something along the lines of, “It’s pretty ugly… enough to scare away monsters.” Aww! Hahahaha 🙂

My masterpiece that looks like a man:

The Original Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci: