Jewellery party…

… time!

Nah, just kidding. Just down to business.

Most of you know around this time last year, we had the “grand” opening of NGUY IRIDESCENCE, our small family jewellery business.

Thanks to the amazing support of family and friends, and through their word of mouth, Nguy Iridescence has been not only a very enjoyable (although super stressful and busy) but also successful venture.

For the past 6+ months, we have pushed Nguy Iridescence into a corner and have neglected it to the max. No promotions, no sales, no worries. But now that I’m heading off to Australia, we want to sell our remaining stock and close the business before I leave. Since I’m the one responsible for everything, and my siblings are not interested in taking over… closing shop would be best!

A huge thanks to Darlene Charron, a teacher and librarian at my old high school, for suggesting and helping me organize a jewellery event for the Immaculata High School staff on December 1, 2010. The event was short but super successful and a great start into the month. Not to mention my sister took us to Babbo’s afterward where I had the most amazing veggie panini ever! 😉

Since our stock is now pretty low, I’m actually able to transport it solo and go meet people personally to introduce our products to them. Big thanks to my Cau Ba (third uncle) for suggesting I meet with the ladies who own businesses in the same building as his jewellery repair shop – received a bit of business and an appointment to come back again next weekend!

He also introduced me to the lady who owns Bamboo Boutique on Bank Street, a charming store that offers specialty Asian gifts and more – at GREAT prices. After visiting her shop yesterday to show her what I had to offer, she agreed to meet up today to buy some stuff for her store. Our meeting lasted a few hours but her company was thoroughly enjoyed. She ended up purchasing quite a few pieces with the promise to keep in touch – many thanks!

Up next: Probably rent a kiosk or 2 in a public area to clear the rest of our inventory! Wish us luck!