The best 2…

… videos I’ve seen this week.

I can’t help but feel guilty for laughing so hard at this clip. However, in my defense, this is a non-human-related event that’s easily encountered by all animals and the duck and her ducklings seem to be fine. They strut off with their heads held high and dignity intact… albeit some ruffled feathers after all that face planting and tumbleweed-ing action. *Laughs and presses replay*

I have seen a fair share of these re-subbed Hitler videos, but this one is by far the most hilarious one I’ve seen. The timing and the context of phrases are simply excellent. I love it.

I have a lot of…


Okay, no, it’s actually I have a lot of debt.

Scratch my earlier post, I have actually been able to secure $300K+ to finance my adventure time in Australia! Yay!

I’m so relieved to not have to worry about the possibility of needing my family and/or friends financially helping me down the road because $250K may not be enough. Sometimes, I feel like life is smiling down on me 🙂


… for my lack of interesting blog entries as of late!

I’m just super busy with tasks around the house as well as other stuff I have to take care of before I leave for Australia (26 days, oh my gahhh)

Check out my to do list:

I’m sure there are more… my tiny brain just can’t remember everything at the moment.

  • Sell jewellery, sell more jewellery, and sell more jewellery!
  • Apply a (hopefully) final coat on our hardwood floor
  • Set up my power of attorney (for banks, taxes, etc)
  • Call Visa and OHIP and let them know I’ll be in Australia so they don’t cause me trouble later on
  • Finalize some loan documents
  • Finish my ‘jewellery apprentice’ projects headed by my uncle
  • Cash cheques, get deposit slips
  • Mail letters (including my letter to Santa Claus – you read that right)
  • Dentist appointment to get fitted for my mouth guard (damn my teeth clenching and grinding!)
  • Doctor’s appointment to get my prescriptions to stock up for Australia
  • Buy a bunch of random stuff like felt protectors and facial cream for my mom
  • Finish those darn Vietnam DVDs and send them off
  • Develop some pictures to send to Ba Vu in VN
  • Put up our Christmas tree and decorations
  • Need to uphold my promises to meet a whole bunch of friends (for food, yay!)
  • Buy stuff for Australia
  • Exchange a ton of money for Australia
  • Book temporary accommodation and airport pickup for when I get to Australia
  • Cry a little at how long this list is getting
  • Make Christmas cards
  • Get my document folders in order for Australia
  • Get catering applications/papers in order
  • Help mommy finalize her last will and testament, living will, and power of attorney
  • Call rehab for appointment
  • Finish Chaos of Cancer
  • Read the books I want to read, including Karnow’s VIETNAM A History – The First Complete Account of Vietnam at War (that I got for only $1!)
  • Get my cookbook in order or else I will die from craving my mom’s food in Australia
  • GET A LAPTOP (and an external HD)
  • Write letters to rich people (it might be a bit late for this)
  • Some photography… I miss this 😦
  • Visit my dad
  • Need to get some dresses and shoes, SHOES!
  • Open an Australian bank account
  • Breathe and sleep more

Let’s see how long it takes to cross things off this list. And how many more items I will have to add to it as the days go by…


… complete and website updated!

We have a few specials going on, please visit our website and take a look. Very reasonable prices and great gifts for the upcoming holidays 🙂

Some of you may have encountered virus alerts and subsequent blockage of our website as of early December. Thanks to my friend Carl, that problem has since been solved. Turned out to be some hacker jerk from the UK messing around with all our files.

I’m trying my best to sell our remaining inventory before I head off to Australia. Although Nguy Iridescence is a family business, I am responsible for pretty much everything related to running the business. My siblings have no interest to take over and my mom will be too busy to take my place, hence, I must close shop!

Please support us and buy an item today! I will lurve you forever ^_^