Today, I introduce to you my (current) favourite…

… restaurant in Ottawa!

play FOOD & WINE

(Finally, I write this entry!)

Fine dining at great prices… I love it. For lunch, play offers 2 plates for $20. They are good sized portions and always leave me stuffed by the time I’m done. I’ve only been there thrice, but I adore this little place in the Byward Market. Everyone, give it a try!

Took Ruixi and Elvin to play yesterday for lunch, I’m pretty sure they liked it! Off the current menu, I had the:

quail / pomegranate risotto / scallion / apple-raisin relish
pumpkin gnocchi / grapes / mushrooms / brown butter

Both were delicious. I ordered quail because I’ve never had it “white-people” style and I was not disappointed. The meat was tender and besides the legs and wings, the bird was de-boned which was a bonus for me because I hate picking at bones. It was also my first time having risotto and I was pleasantly surprised – it didn’t have the consistency of congee like I thought. The pomegranate in the risotto was unexpected but great – the crunch, sweetness, and colour really made use of this “in style this winter” fruit.

I ordered gnocchi as my second dish because I saw it on last week’s episode of Top Chef All-Stars (Top Chef is my favourite cooking-related show) and have never tried it before either. My best description of gnocchi: little dumplings made from potatoes with a pumpkin stuffing. Oh my god, so good – they were citrusy and went so nicely with the mushrooms and grapes.

For every visit, my food has always been tasty and the service has always been great – everyone is on top of their game and are quite knowledgeable. We were constantly checked upon and our water glasses were always refilled without ever having to glance around for the waiter.

During one visit, I had ordered beef tartare, a rare beef dish that came out much too salty for my tastes. The waitress came to check on us a few minutes after we got our food. She asked how we were enjoying our dishes and I told her it was really salty. She immediately insisted and happily took it away and came back moments later with a newly prepared one. Loved the service, and the dish was great the second time around. She even came back to make sure of that.

Will definitely come back again soon! Especially when I’ve already promised some friends and family to take them aaand since I haven’t tried everything on their (ever changing) menu yet! đŸ˜‰

I love food…

… I’m fat…

I want to go on a cruise just to eat awesome food 24/7.

…I’m really fat…

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