Christmas celebrations…

… with the entire family at our house!

A complete evening with cocktail hour, family portraits, huge dinner, candy bar, adult gift exchange, Secret Santa for the kids, karaoke, boardgames, dessert feast, etc. It was so much work to prepare – cleaning, decorations, baking, and more – but it very much worth it. Looking at the pictures, one can see the happiness and enjoyment on everyone’s faces. It was the first time our family celebrated Christmas like so, and I certainly hope it won’t be the last!

Thank you everyone for making this event a success! Sticking to the “semi-formal” dress code, coming prepared with presents and food, etc, was very much appreciated! Cau Mo Hai brought a turkey and mashed potatoes, Cau Mo Ba bought a yummy salad, Cau Mo Tu brought tasty mussels, Di Nam and Bac brought roasted potatoes and a very popular deep fried bread with a shrimp paste, our family provided cocktails, snacks, desserts as well as hot and sour soup! Everyone’s presence made the night a memorable one! We hope you all enjoyed yourselves!


Christmas Eve…

…dinner with our grandparents!

Chet Hai (my dad’s cousin) came up from Toronto and stayed with us for a few days. My mom made an awesome dinner: fall-off-the-bone-ribs, turkey/cheese salad, lemon/pepper roasted potatoes, and some buttered dinner rolls. Sooo good.

Caught up with my grandparents after dinner. Of course I had to show them my new stethoscope that came in the mail earlier that day (Littmann Cardio III, Black Edition, so sexy) and my new MacBook Pro (also very sexy! Haha).