My grandpa…

… is super awesome.

When I was young, he was the first to teach me French. As I grew older, he remained the first to teach me a multitude of things, including the history of VN and how to build a catapult.

Yesterday marked another first – the first time I successfully unclogged a pipe with him. Hi5! Thanks to his persistence and help, we were finally able to unclog the pipe draining our kitchen sink using a pipe rooter. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

It was filthy and pretty gross. The water that came out was… DISGUSSSSTINGGGGG! At one point, some of it must’ve splashed onto my face where I wiped at it, because my grandpa looked at me and said, “You have whiskers.” Needless to say, I definitely disinfected my face afterwards.

Morals of the day: 1) What would I do without my grandpa sometimes? 2) NEVER let someone wash grout down your drain, EVER. GRR!

Speaking of friends…

… of course I can’t forget this group!

(Photo credit: Vinh)

Elvin had his semi-annual BBQ yesterday, so I got to see the whole gang while they’re back in town for vacation. Happy yet sad, because it will probably be the last time I will see many of them before I leave for Australia 😦

Elvin, Ruixi, Amin, Mel, Vinh, Tina, Jason, Carl, Val, Malar, Ed, Max, Neha, and Louise… thank you so much for your wishes and gifts! Call me up if you’re ever in Australia, especially Brisbane! LOVE!