Axolotl : The cutest fish ever?

I think so!

Been thinking of getting a small pet but realized that I will be gone for 3 months in 7 weeks so… I guess not until I come back! That didn’t stop me, however, from visiting pet stores – which is when I came across these guys:

How adorable are they? The limbs with digits and external gills just win me over 🙂

Axolotl are actually salamanders – so amphibians, not fish! Their looks are due to a phenomenon known as neoteny. Ordinarily, amphibians undergo metamorphosis from egg to larva and finally to adult form. The Axolotl, however, remains in its larval form throughout its life. It retains its gills and fins, and it doesn’t develop the protruding eyes, eyelids and characteristics of other adult salamanders. Not only that, it has amazing regenerative abilities! This site has great information for further reading.

And that’s my random fact post of the week 😛


Please share your thoughts! :)

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