Hello, long time no see!

I’ve been hiding this past week focused on studying, believe it or not! Wrote my midterm Friday afternoon (1-3pm) which went quite well except for a few questions that I answered stupidly. Grr! Don’t you just hate it when you answer a question wrong not because you didn’t know it, but you had the knowledge to and didn’t answer it correctly? Anyway, time to move on and focus on the final exams coming up in October!

In celebration, I finally used a Scoopon for fish and chips at Cosmos Cafe in South Bank. Huge piece of battered fish, chips, salad and a pop can for $6! Not bad, I have one more coupon to use so I will probably be back soon in the future.

In Brisbane, we have ibises… pretty much the seagull equivalent. Massive and everywhere, at least they’re not as loud and as annoying 🙂

Always love seeing the walkway down in South Bank

Washed that down with an amazingly delicious dessert at Max Brenner’s nearby. Delicious waffles drizzled with toffee, sprinkled with sugared pecans and served with melted chocolate and vanilla ice cream. It’s not on the menu (so ask for it) and really does taste like a piece of heaven. Best dessert ever!

I have a huge forehead! And in great need of a haircut! 😛

Ended the night watching my first ever live sports event – Australia vs Thailand – first World Cup 2014 qualifier match! Game was held at Suncorp Stadium with over 24 000 people in attendance. So much fun!

I was really excited to finally have an opportunity to use my telephoto lens after letting it collect dust on my shelf for months. Unfortunately, I was stopped at the gate after a bag check and was told that my lens wasn’t allowed. 😦 Apparently, the max zoom allowed was 200mm and my lens was 250mm. “Aww no! I didn’t know, or I wouldn’t have brought it!” Luckily, after speaking to a manager, he approved my camera and called in my seat number so security wouldn’t hassle me when they saw me taking pictures. Because of that, I was able to get a few decent shots!

Thailand (red and blue) and Australia’s Socceroos (yellow and green) warming up

Thailand fans congregated in one section

Some action going on

Thailand faked quite a bit, eliciting boos from the entire stadium each time

Pretty decent crowd!

Australia won (of course) 2-1!


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