Celebrating Lunar New Year in Brisbane

Lunar New Year falls on September 12th this year, but the festivities (Valley Moon Lantern Festival) took place during the weekend (10 & 11) in Chinatown at Fortitude Valley.

Unfortunately, it was too windy and cold to stay for too long – I wasn’t dressed for the weather 😦 But I did manage to catch some of the earlier acts like lion dancing, magic show, martial arts performances, and bamboo dancing.

Checked out the banh trung thu (mooncakes)… but they all had lotus seed and red bean fillings! Mommy, I miss your delicious banh trung thu thap cam!

Here are a few pictures, I didn’t take many:

Lion Dance – giving away mandarins and candy to the audience

The night fell quickly, this was the paper lantern stall

I think this is new, or I’ve never noticed it before – statue of a koi fish

One of the dragons at the Chinatown gate

Chinatown streets at night



Please share your thoughts! :)

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