Oops, it’s been over a week!

Dear lovely readers,

I apologize for not blogging this past week! Honestly, no excuse. Just lazy and no inspiration for posts lately.

However, a few updates:

  • Had a lovely curry dinner with PBL mate, Fiona, the other evening
  • I got an iPad. 32GB with wifi and it was cheaper than getting it in Canada. I love it so far – so very useful for school and reading novels. Unfortunately, my OS is 4.3.5 – no jailbreak available yet 😦
  • It was Mike’s birthday today! Made and enjoyed dinner with him, Tap and Jawn: Vietnamese roasted pork, crispy garlic chicken wings, and salad with rice. Birthday cake? Lemon cupcakes with creamcheese icing, strawberries and chocolate – yum!
  • Still don’t have results for midterm yet! Wrote it on Sept 5 and still waiting…
  • Applied for our Vietnam Visas last week online via http://www.myvietnamvisa.com/. We all applied for a 3 month, multi entry visa. Cost us each a $30 admin fee and we received our letter of approval within 1 day. Once we land in VN, just need to hand them the letter, passport photos, fill in a form, and pay a remaining $50 stamping fee. Altogether costs us $80 – much better than what the travel agent quoted us – $170.
  • After this weekend, I will only 2 weeks of class left – crazy.
  • I very much admire some of my peers – always on top of everything, yet working and keeping up with other extracurricular activities – need to be more like them!
  • Exam studying has started – feeling good and hoping to end the year on a good note!
  • Started a list of goodies to bring back to Canada for family and friends – must go shopping sometime soon!
  • I’ve been reading a few novels a week lately. My last read: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – loved it, can’t wait to read the others. Currently reading: The Fifth Vial by Michael Palmer.
  • Current resolution: more Pilates, fruits and veggies!
  • Been eating too many: strawberries. Would be a good thing except it’s always paired with melted chocolate and/or whipped cream. But so good!
  • The mock-orange bush (not jasmine as previously thought – although certainly smells like it) is in full bloom. Makes everything smell wonderful, including my room.
  • It’s getting so hot! But the weather is perfect – hot, sunny and most importantly, not humid – hopefully it stays like this for a while!

Okay, let’s stop it there before I bore you to death! Thank you for reading ❤


Please share your thoughts! :)

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