Everyone, floss your teeth!

Flossing is a critical component of my dental hygiene, and it should be for you as well!

Why is flossing good?

  • It reduces the number of bacteria (feasting on the food in the spaces between your teeth) that your toothbrush cannot get to!
  • These bacteria secrete acid that eats into your tooth enamel and promote cavities!
  • They also give off volatile sulfur compounds that give you bad breath!
  • Brushing without flossing is like washing only 70% of your body when showering… gross!

And what can happen if you don’t floss?

  • Plaque (debris, mucus, bacteria, etc) will buildup and can then harden and turn into tartar! And only your dentist will be able to remove tartar!
  • Bacteria produce toxins that can inflame and irritate the gums = gingivitis!
  • If gingivitis is left untreated, it can lead to periodontal disease and your teeth can fall out!

Honestly, not flossing is gross. If you don’t believe me, try this:

Eat whatever you want during the day, then go to bed without flossing. Even better, go to bed without even brushing your teeth for extreme results. When you wake up the next morning, go floss your teeth. Not only is it nasty to see all the gunk that’s been sitting there. SMELL YOUR FLOSS. Seriously, as you’re flossing your molars, smell your floss. It will smell like POO, for real. Disgusting, but it’s true.

There are some people who have really really bad breath. Not the, “I’m sorry, my breath stinks because I had onions for lunch,” bad breath but the kind that says, “I’m sorry, I just farted from my mouth.” Please, if you are one of them and you don’t yet floss – start! It can only help the health of your gums and teeth and your social interactions!

And it’s SO easy. No, it’s not time consuming, don’t complain. What’s another few minutes of your day? It’s for the good of your health!

There’s the classic dental floss

And if you’re like me and find normal dental floss annoying, you can use floss picks. They come in so many forms, I’m sure you could find one you like

And if that doesn’t work, you can even use interdental cleaners!

And that’s the end of my rant-of-the-week, now get flossing!

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