Sandar is a dragon!

Some of my friends call me ‘Sandar’ and I’ve always complained that it sounds like a dinosaur.

Well, I’ve been playing Dragonvale (oh so lame, I know) recently and it turns out Sandar is a dragon… a plant dragon as a matter of fact 🙂 And no… I did not name it!

Happy Birthday Jawn!

There were about 15 people at our place celebrating Jawn’s birthday… and at the same time, it was also a farewell. Jawn is graduating this year, and recently received an offer to work in Perth! Yay for him and all the best!

In addition to the food guests brought, there was so much yummy food that Tap cooked: jellyfish and shrimp salad, fresh springrolls, crispy roasted pork, noodles in a cabbage bowl, deviled eggs, shrimp, chicken wings… and probably more that I can’t remember. Jawn is soo special 😛

I’m sorry about the blurriness… I wasn’t paying attention to my aperture!


Beautiful Jacaranda trees are blooming!

But as my Australian friends say, “Unfortunately, that also means exam time is here!”

These are breathtaking trees full of light purple flowers, all over the city! My first time seeing them and gorgeous!

This tree is right by house

My cellphone sucks at taking pictures…

Michael is such a sucker

Known to my housemates and I for being pulled into deals and specials all the time. Ie. He’ll buy 2 pineapples for $2 even though 1 pineapple is only $1.30!

Coffee is no different! The loyalty cards just keep him coming back…

And now, free cookies may have won him over 😛

A last PBL get together before exams

In celebration of making it thus far, PBL 25 got together to celebrate over lunch at one of my favourite restaurants – Madtongsan II.

Kristen, James, Fiona, Andrew, Christine (and honorary member Michael) – you have made Year 1 of the MBBS program awesome! So happy to have met all of you 😀

Good food with good people… good times!

Yum yum!

Waiting for the gang to arrive

Menu has so many great dishes!

PBL 25 love