Last stroll around my neighbourhood

It will be January of 2012 when I will have another opportunity to go around my neighbourhood taking pictures, so decided to do it one last time today.

(Photos with my new T2i – yay! Came just in time for Vietnam ^_^)

I’ve fallen in love with the Jacaranda trees here and finally some better pictures!

And some more pretty things!

Thurs Oct 20, 2011 – Last day of exams!

Woo hoo! My last exam of first year medical school!

My third exam went from 10am to 12pm. It was overall very fair and of same difficulty as last year’s, thank goodness!

The class then headed over to the Rugby Club for BBQ and drinks aaand we even got a class picture! 😛

Where am I?! :O

I haven’t seen 1/2 of these people and I’m sure quite a few weren’t even present – what a crazy huge class!

Great year, great memories, great times!

And now, the 3 of us are on to even more exciting things… in Vietnam!! 🙂

Good luck to us! Here’s to hoping nothing bad will happen and that we’ll be learning lots while having tons of fun!