Vietnam: Day 1

Day 1: Oct 22

Arrived in VN on time at 9:15pm. Unfortunately, many other people also took the convenient and cheaper way out when it came to VN visas. Because of applying for our visas online, we ended up waiting at the airport for over an over to get them! Poor Ong Ut had to wait for ages until we came out. We also met his nephew, Dung, who drove us back to Trung Mai hotel to drop off luggage and pick up Kristen for dinner.

First meal in Vietnam – pho – how appropriate! By the time we got back, made the appropriate calls to back home, it was nearly 1am. So tired and we were going to be picked up the following morning at 7:30 am for dim sum…

The end!

NOTE: Found out I can’t upload pictures via photobucket with my iPad! So I don’t know when I will be able to show you pictures! 😦 😦