I’ve given up!

Sorry everyone!

I’ve given up on blogging while in Vietnam because it becomes very tedious on an iPad! In addition, I can’t show you accompanying pictures, so I will wait until I get back to write all about my trip.

I’ve seen a great number of interesting cases in the hospital and have met many people along the way.

Today is our last day at Cho Ray Hospital! Tomorrow we will get the chance to go to Tam Duc Cardiac Hospital for a day to follow a cardiac surgeon, which should be good!

We’ve had lots of adventures which I can’t wait to share with everyone, including going to Cambodia last weekend!

Only 2 more weeks until home… Can’t wait!

Vietnam: Day 4

Day 4: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First ‘official’ day at the hospital… Woo hoo!

Started off waiting around (something we do a lot of at CRH) for our paperwork to be finalized and for Dr Bich to arrive and give us the orientation presentation.

After all the admin stuff was taken care of, we were brought to the department of Tropical Diseases and introduced to a number of staff members including: Dr Binh (director), Dr Phuong (vice director) and Dr An, the doctor who will take us under her wing during our stay at the department.

It is SO HOT in the hospital. Thank goodness the staff room is air-conditioned or I don’t think I would last.

We requested to have Thursdays and Fridays off, which was granted, so yay! 4 day weekends!

After a quick overview, we were dismissed before lunch time and told to come back the next morning for 7:30am.

So far so good…

Vietnam: Day 3

Day 3: Oct 24

The three of us were present at Cho Ray Hospital at 8am Monday morning to check into The Training Department and meet with Dr Tuan Hai and/or Dr Bich.

At the office, we met another, more older Vietnamese student also doing an elective at CRH. She’s originally from Vietnam and now studying medicine in US. A pregnant woman, most likely in her 3rd trimester, doing an elective in the ER of a Vietnamese hospital… Why?!

Anyway, what was even more annoying was that once we sat down with Dr Hai to discuss our plans at CRH, he told us that the tuition fee had gone up from $100/month to $200. The website and our forms were not updated to reflect that change, and we were never notified beforehand of the increase. Unfortunately, couldn’t really say anything because it was a bit too late to organize an elective elsewhere.

Many of our friends doing their elective in Hue are only paying $20 and our friend doing his elective at the Hospital of Tropical Diseases, also in Saigon, didn’t have to pay a dime. Grr!

We were dimissed by 9am and were told to return the following morning for an orientation presentation and to be introduced to our first department of choice – Tropical Diseases.

Rest of the day off… Although can’t remember for the life of me what we did after leaving the hospital!

Vietnam: Day 2

Day 2: Oct 23

Woke up early to meet with Anh Dung and walk over to Cha Tam Church to meet up with Ong Ut at 7:30am.

Cha Tam Church has quite a history:

Following a coup on November 1, 1963, President Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother fled the palace through a tunnel network and eventually sought safety in Cha Tam church. They spent the night within the church’s grounds and the following morning were captured by coup loyalists. Enroute to military headquarters, both Diem and his brother were murdered in the back of the military vehicle they were being transported in. Diem was subsequently buried in an unmarked grave not far from the US Ambassador’s residence.

Ong Ut took us to dim sum for breakfast, where we met his son, Uncle Tam, and his good friends Chu Bao and his wife. Dim sum at 8am? Not the best idea on your body while it’s just starting to adjust to food in a new country!

We were then taken on a drive around the city and sooner than we realized, it was lunch time.

Most awesome Korean BBQ, buffet style, ever. Tons of freshly prepared marinated meats to choose from including: ostrich, fish, frog, eel, etc. At the center of our grill was also a hotpot for all the veggies you could have as well. Multiple prepared dishes on top of that including sushi and salads. Vinamilk ice-cream for dessert… Yum!

(We weren’t allowed to take pictures!)

Went back to hotel to rest before going out to eat (again) dinner with Ong Ut.

By Day 2, you can already tell how this trip is going to work out: GET FAT BECAUSE ALL WE DO IS EAT. 🙂

Laziness, be gone!

I’m sorry lovely readers, I’ve been in Vietnam for exactly 2 weeks now, and only have 1 blog post to show for it.

Life has been very go-go-go so whenever I have downtime, I just want to chill out and be lazy!

However, will start catching up… Now!