Vietnam: Day 3

Day 3: Oct 24

The three of us were present at Cho Ray Hospital at 8am Monday morning to check into The Training Department and meet with Dr Tuan Hai and/or Dr Bich.

At the office, we met another, more older Vietnamese student also doing an elective at CRH. She’s originally from Vietnam and now studying medicine in US. A pregnant woman, most likely in her 3rd trimester, doing an elective in the ER of a Vietnamese hospital… Why?!

Anyway, what was even more annoying was that once we sat down with Dr Hai to discuss our plans at CRH, he told us that the tuition fee had gone up from $100/month to $200. The website and our forms were not updated to reflect that change, and we were never notified beforehand of the increase. Unfortunately, couldn’t really say anything because it was a bit too late to organize an elective elsewhere.

Many of our friends doing their elective in Hue are only paying $20 and our friend doing his elective at the Hospital of Tropical Diseases, also in Saigon, didn’t have to pay a dime. Grr!

We were dimissed by 9am and were told to return the following morning for an orientation presentation and to be introduced to our first department of choice – Tropical Diseases.

Rest of the day off… Although can’t remember for the life of me what we did after leaving the hospital!


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