Vietnam: Day 4

Day 4: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First ‘official’ day at the hospital… Woo hoo!

Started off waiting around (something we do a lot of at CRH) for our paperwork to be finalized and for Dr Bich to arrive and give us the orientation presentation.

After all the admin stuff was taken care of, we were brought to the department of Tropical Diseases and introduced to a number of staff members including: Dr Binh (director), Dr Phuong (vice director) and Dr An, the doctor who will take us under her wing during our stay at the department.

It is SO HOT in the hospital. Thank goodness the staff room is air-conditioned or I don’t think I would last.

We requested to have Thursdays and Fridays off, which was granted, so yay! 4 day weekends!

After a quick overview, we were dismissed before lunch time and told to come back the next morning for 7:30am.

So far so good…


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