I’m going home to Canada!

And boy am I ever excited… :D!

I’ve pretty much finished packing… let’s just say that only 1/10th of the stuff is mine, the rest is for the lovely Canadians!

I had an amazing 6 weeks in VN, although I was sick for a large part of it and, by the end of the trip, I was ready to go home. I have lots of stories and pictures to share with you, which I plan to do as soon as possible 🙂 I have so many pictures, it’s really taking me a long time to sort through them all, and I have to upload them as well! Hopefully I have them all sorted out before my flight so then I can spend time writing entries on the plane.

I had the worst possible experience flying with Jetstar, especially on the way back from VN. NEVER AGAIN will I fly with them. For a budget airline, they’re not cheap and definitely not worth it. Will rant more about them later.

Can’t wait to be home!


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