Vietnam Week 1: Friday, Oct 28, 2011

The day of our overpriced tour to the Great Temple of Caodaism and the Cu Chi Tunnels.

Don’t make the same mistake as us! We booked a private English tour through Ecotravel for around $50. Not worth it! You can go with a bus tour for at least 1/2 that price.

However, it was nice to go by ourselves (during off peak hours) and actually have the chance to take pictures and go through all the tunnels.

Some pictures at the Great Temple of Caodaism. The area is beautiful and peaceful, even the monkeys are shy!

Kristen and I were too slow and didn’t make it inside for the ceremony. Mike, however, made it in before they reached the limit so was able to snag pictures.

We then had a decent lunch at a restaurant nearby – in our own little hut!

At the Cu Chi Tunnels. They told us a lot of information, but how much of it (even the tunnels)… is true?

Going down! This tunnel was expanded but still tiny. Got swooped by a bat twice while crawling through and came out covered in dirt. Scary.

One of the many traps

Michael checking out the ‘original’ tunnel size. Can barely fit my head in let alone my body!

Vent holes

Michael was really excited for the opportunity to fire an AK-47. So excited, he didn’t even let Kristen and I put on our muffs and get the camera rolling before he started shooting… for real! 😛

So this is how they make rice paper! Although I don’t think they’re stacked up until they’re dry.

Soldier sandals (I think?) where the soles are made from car tires and the straps from bicycle tires. The soles lie backwards to create misleading trails.


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