Vietnam Week 1: Thursday, Oct 27, 2011

[I have a lot to share regarding my experience at Cho Ray Hospital, but I will be saving that for a separate post later on]

Thursday was technically our day off, but we decided to go into the hospital until lunchtime. It just so happened that on Thursdays, doctors take part in weekly presentations. This week’s presentation was on ‘Pre-eclampsia & Eclampsia’ given by Dr. Ngan (works in one of the ICUs in the Tropical Diseases department). The entire presentation was impressively given in English, although I suspect our presence made her more nervous than usual. Following her presentation, her colleagues are given a chance to ask questions. The vice director (Dr. Phuong) and Dr. Hung were especially critical! Overall a good experience, we were glad to have come in.

By lunchtime, we were downtown in District 1 and ready to start exploring. Unfortunately, I’ve already seen most things in District 1, but it was still fun to re-experience them with Mike and Kristen!

First up, the Reunification Palace! Absolutely nothing has changed here since I went last year… and to be honest, not worth visiting. Just taking a picture from the outside is good enough. Didn’t take many pictures because it’s all been done before (click here for pics from last year), but here’s a few!

We then walked over to the War Remnants Museum. Old artillery, tanks and helicopters are interesting and all, but we could not get over how they’ve twisted and presented history in this museum. It is very anti-American and full of propaganda… sad!

Proceeded to walk back to take a look at the Notre Dame Basilica and Saigon Post Office…

On the way back, we found this! Mini toasted baguettes with La Vache Qui Rit cheese, pate and chili… soo good! And for only 10 000 VND (less than $0.50). Street food yumminess!

We’ve labelled all the parks in VN as ‘snoggle parks’ because that’s what all couples do… go to parks to snog! Apparently, our mocking did not impress the man watching us…

Notre Dame Basilica with Diamond Plaza in the background

Saigon Central Post Office right beside the basilica

Inside the post office… Gringotts?!

We were supposed to have dinner with Annette, but that fell through so the night ended early back at our hotel!

Please share your thoughts! :)

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