Vietnam Weekend 1: Oct 29-30, 2011

Home to Phung Hiep!

Chet (Uncle) Quang (my dad’s younger brother) and my family invited all of us down to Phung Hiep – a chance for Michael and Kristen to visit a rural location!

Not only did Chet Quang send a car up to Saigon to pick us up, he came too! So nice of him! We left Saigon early in the morning for the approximately 4 hour drive south to Phung Hiep.

Had breakfast on the way home! Kristen and Mike had a chance to try their first fresh coconut – these ones had a special flavour to them that’s similar to pandan.

Chet Quang also gave them their first experience with durian – yummm! Haha, one bite was all it took before they gave up. Although it smells good to me, apparently to them it smells like garbage!

Stopped in Can Tho (about 1 hour away from Phung Hiep) to visit Ben Ninh Kieu and to have lunch.

The Can Tho Bridge

In Can Tho looking out at the bridge

This woman really liked Michael, kept calling him handsome and trying to convince us to go on a tour in her boat.

Selling “cerise” Not similar to our cherries, this fruit is sweet, juicy, and contains 3 seeds – yum!

Sneak attack on Chet Quang!

In Phung Hiep, my family’s first treat for Mike and Kristen – fried balut eggs! Michael managed a bite, although it didn’t taste bad to him, he couldn’t get over the thought of eating an embryo. Kristen couldn’t even try! Haha

The government has bought back land behind my Chet Em’s house in order to build a road. As a result, he has to literally cut back his house.

Chet Em’s and his kids – Kan and May

This is Tran Hung Dao St in Phung Hiep, the only one left that needs to be re-paved and raised. Due to high river water levels this season, this street (and a few others) floods twice a day, in the early morning and evening.

Dry during the day

Flooded up to your knees in the evening. Unfortunately, if you haven’t raised up your house, it floods too 😦

Like most people, my uncle runs his shop from the front of his house. An organized mess!

The back of his house, looking in from Mac Dinh Chi St

Up early to head to the floating market at 5:00am!

Chet Quang’s daughter, Thanh

New bridge and old bridge!

My cousins took Mike and Kristen into the market…

Monocled cobra! Finally, we see what numerous patients have been bitten by in the Tropical Med department! This lady has killed it and is preparing it for snake wine.

Church is still being built after all this time…

View from Chet Quang’s house

Some family pictures!



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