No internet makes life so difficult!

Fully moved into the new place and love it but our internet won’t be connected until next week! 😦 😦

One of the perks of our new house: only 5 minutes away from the hospital, which is where we are now to do some work.

New home (2 bed, 2 bath) is nice, quiet, and in a great location with a short walk to train station and tons of buses at the corner of our street – yay! Moved in on Saturday, we rented a ute and moved everything ourselves… also picked up a fridge that day too. Thought we couldn’t do it, but we had more muscle strength than we thought! Still missing some small appliances but will be getting them over the next few days. Everything is still a mess and some areas still need to be cleaned but really liking the new home. Lots of room for having the woooonderful family coming to visit… 😀

Been so busy to update – I’m sorry blog… I have failed you.

But once we have internet and have fully settled in, I will show you around! And get back to blogging of course… I have a list of topics to talk about 😀


Please share your thoughts! :)

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