Memories with the family

A few random moments to share!

My sister. Setting a Flight Control score record so high on my iPad, I still have yet to beat it 😦

My mom made steaks to have with our grandparents one night. Steaks were bigger than my face!

I put up the Christmas tree and decorations!

My Cau Mo Hai took us out to dinner with their family and my grandparents. I got to choose the restaurant – Koreana. For some reason, food was not as good as it used to be. Sorry, I know these pictures are bad, but they’re the only ones I have!

Snow! How pretty it is!

When my brother falls asleep, my sister plays a game. How many things can you pile on him before he wakes up? So far: Grandma’s sweater, bottle of wine, newspaper, tub of cookies

Apple and cinnamon – possibly my favourite dessert combination. But gum? Really? Gross!

“People of Walmart”

Haha, that’s all I have! I had many other memories and outings with family and friends, but I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures to share 😦

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