Ailee – From YouTube star to Kpop star

Most people know I’ve been a Kpop fan for years ❤ That is… until I moved to Australia and didn’t really have the time or the company to indulge. Now when I check Kpop news sites, there are so many new groups and solo artists – I have no idea where to start so I simply stick with my old favourites and see what they’re up to.

However, I recently came upon this young American-Korean lady and… I realllyyy like her! Ailee was already well known in the YouTube community a few years back for her voice and has just debuted in Korea!

Compared to the quality of many artists who debut in Korea, I am impressed! I love her voice and this song… perhaps she will even win Rookie of the Year. Good luck to her!

Heaven by Ailee
(If I remember correctly, this was her debut stage)
My favourite parts start at 2:05

And I’m adding in the MR (music recording) removed version of her performance 🙂


Please share your thoughts! :)

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