Belated: Happy New Year!

Happy belated new year to all my family and friends. I wish everyone all the happiness, success, and good fortune in the world!

Christine invited Mike and I to join her for Tet (Vietnamese New Year) festivities at Chua (Temple) Phap Quang on January 22, 2012.

We headed to Inala, Brisbane around 7pm – in time to enjoy some good Vietnamese food, watch the lion dances, see firecrackers go off and be impressed by an array of fireworks! There were sooo many people, was totally not expecting it.

A few pictures:

Stage where singers performed throughout the night

Everyone sitting around socializing, enjoying the entertainment and eating

Food being sold. Pretty tasty. Around $5 a container

Lion dancing starting on stage

Area around the temple

Sneak photo!

Getting ready to light the firecrackers

Another photo attack!

Ready to start the next round of dancing

The leader of the temple and a local politician – I don’t know the names of either unfortunately.

And it started to rain! Luckily it stopped after a little while.

Ong Dia!

And some videos I took of the lion dances and fireworks


Please share your thoughts! :)

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