I need to step up my game!

Me… a future doctor? Sigh!

I’ve been feeling pretty down lately. Seems like no matter in which direction I look, I am so lacking compared to others. Everyone seems to be hard working, on top of things, multi-talented, working on the side, super smart with great clinical skills.

And then there’s me. Constantly behind, easily distracted, lacking motivation and never getting over the habit of procrastination. Why?! I know I want so much more.

So… *mental slap* I hate feeling like this. Time to hit refresh and start second year over with a different mentality!

2 thoughts on “I need to step up my game!

  1. Kristen Gibson says:

    If only it didn’t take so long to get through the first five steps….

    I hope you’re feeling better now and enjoying the Easter break! 🙂 you’re a smartie pants – never forget it!

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