No more blues!

So, the last entry I wrote made me really sad and really didn’t put me in the mood to write much in the last few days.

Medicine imposes high expectations and whenever I fall even a little short, I always find it a little hard to resurface and find my grounding. Yes, it is demanding but I do know it should never bring me down, especially when I’ve decided that this is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. Continuous learning! 🙂

It’s extremely humbling when I’m always surrounded by very intelligent people from so many different backgrounds, but also have to remember that I’m not dumb and that I’m unique and capable too!

Except for those few downs, I’m really enjoying second year. I’m in the hospital a lot more this year, finally putting the skills I learned into practice. Speaking to patients can be difficult and daunting, but luckily, it’s been okay so far and I can only learn from mistakes! Clinical reasoning is something else I’ve been working at becoming better at too.

My CC coach has been great and we’ve been learning a lot from him. Thank goodness for his patience!

One of my PBL mates, Roger, is an optometrist with many years of experience. He kindly offered our PBL the opportunity to go into the practice he works at to have further experience using the equipment, including the slit lamp and how to properly check the health of a person’s eyes. It was a great because our Ophthalmology Workshop with the school was too rushed to learn everything completely. Thanks Roger!

We’ve also had the chance follow the Director of ICU at the private hospital we were at last year. So glad he was willing to have us around last week and that he’s up for having us come back again! He is an amazing doctor and teacher. In the 6 hours we were there, we saw all his patients at least twice and a number of procedures including the installation of a Greenfield filter, 2 TOEs (one with a cardioversion), and an endoscopy. An amazing day with tons of learning!

Have I mentioned that I still have catch up to do? So much to learn, so little time!

One of my favourite “pensive and inspirational” pictures:


Please share your thoughts! :)

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