Lack of Cooking

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been cooking much recently. Reason? Eating lots of leftovers. I’ve gotten into the habit of cooking a lot of one thing and then having leftovers for days. In addition, we still have lots of cheese from the party last week so naturally, been eating a lot of crackers and bread with cheese for meals.

Yes, I know. Cheese is not that good for you. But I’m trying to be balanced! Lots of fruits and veggies throughout the day as well! It would be a shame to let all this good cheese go to waste.

Cheese I’ve been hooked on this past week: Edam. So subtle yet delicious, where have you been all my life?

Combinations I’m currently enjoying: Cheese and grapes

My dear friend Julia gave me this magnet before I came to Australia. It’s on our fridge and I try to abide by it everyday – it just doesn’t work.

Yummy curried eggs

Cinnamon & sugar buttery-crispy baguette

My mom makes these really delicious yummies we call ‘Rosette Cookies’  that look very similar to these:

I was craving them, like how I crave a lot of things from home, but didn’t have a rosette iron to make the proper shapes. 😦

My take on rosette cookies:

They may look odd, but I assure you they really tasted great!


Please share your thoughts! :)

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