Easter Holidays

One of the things I miss most about studying in Australia is missing out on the holiday-family-togethers 😦

Easter happens to be one of my favourite times because we always have turkey dinners – my ultimate satisfaction! Sadly, I missed out for the 2nd year in a row… but boy the food looked good! Dessert looked great too… my mom and sister’s bird nests looked really neat!

Photo credits to my brother, Andy Nguy

We always have 2 turkeys – my grandpa will cook one and my mom the other

My grandpa can always be found taking pictures and recording memories at such family events

Family members

Bird nests!

Coconut jelly dessert my mum made

My grandparents always have little gifts for the grandchildren. I’m missing out again! And the grandkids always make cards for our grandparents at all the festive gatherings.


I didn’t do much to celebrate, Mike’s parents are visiting and we just stayed in and watched TV together that day. And would you believe if I told you Australia doesn’t sell turkeys at grocery stores? How silly is that? Especially when they have turkeys running wild everywhere! Oh well, it wouldn’t have fit into my oven anyway…


Please share your thoughts! :)

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