Snorkeling at Flinders Reef

We left the house shortly after 5am with misty rain in our face and worry in our hearts that the sky would not clear up. Luckily, by the time we got to New Port Marina and on our catamaran, the sun was brightly shining with rainbows in the sky, woo hoo!

Sadly, I got pretty sea sick on the way out to the reef, which has never happened before – must always take Gravol! Learned my lesson the hard way 😦

Anyway, the water temperature was great around 25-26C and visibility was at least 25m, awesome! We got to see many fish – colourful and of all sizes. I remember seeing an angel fish bigger than my head, I didn’t even know they grow that big. And of course, we saw sea turtles, my favourite! I was really hoping to see sharks, but maybe next time 🙂

Most of our pictures came out too blurry, but here are a few. Enjoy!

Puffer fish!

Getting his back cleaned 🙂

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