Get you’re English right!

What did you immediately think when you read my blog title?

“Omg, not her too? Why can’t people write English properly?!”

Because that is how I feel all the time.

It constantly amazes me how many people, especially native English speakers, have this problem!

It’s mine. Not its mine.
It’s = contraction for ‘it is’
Its = possessive adjective – belongs to someone/something

It’s your dog. Not it’s you’re dog.
Your = possessive adj – belongs to you
You’re = contraction for ‘you are’

They’re playing with their dog over there.
They’re = contraction for ‘they are’
Their = possessive adj – belongs to them
There = place

So simple! One of the first things I learned in elementary school English!

The rules are so easy to learn and apply, it blows my mind every time I see an educated person consistently make these mistakes. In fact, it’s embarrassing! :S


Please share your thoughts! :)

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