Photo #73: The Donkey Mouth

May 11, 2012

Every time I see someone’s mouth as they’re drinking from a glass, I stifle a laugh – the reflections always make people look like donkeys! At least that’s what I see, what animal do you see? Either way, I’ve finally taken the initiative of snapping a picture (thanks Michael) to prove it 🙂

Photo #72: Purple Carrots

May 10, 2012

I usually try to be a little creative with my photo titles, but not this time! I mean it… literally! Purple carrots, have you ever tried? Tastes pretty much the same! The purple carrot is a type of Eastern carrot domesticated in Central Asia way back in the day. The purple colour comes from anthocyanin pigments, which also act as powerful antioxidants – yummy goodness! (Pst, thanks Wiki)

Oh right, we’ve got neighbours

We like in a townhouse complex – 2 rows of staggered houses facing each other. Lucky for us, we live in an end-unit with only 1 next door neighbour.

We also live off a really busy main road but thankfully, the noise of traffic doesn’t travel far enough to bother us. Sometimes we hear the blasting horn of the train, although not nearly 1/10 of the volume I used to live with at my previous place. And other times we hear the drone of an airplane above.

What I’m trying to say is that most of the time, it is lovely and quiet.

But sometimes, the neighbours have to make their presence known T_T

There’s an Indian (I think) couple that lives across from us and the wife is always yelling at her husband. I am completely embarrassed for them. Think how loud she is yelling for the noise to travel out her house and into ours. At least she is yelling in her language so other people don’t understand but geez! I never hear the man raise his voice in return… I honestly don’t understand how he deals with that constant berating.

And then, there are the next door neighbours. With their creepy Halloween-type music blaring at odd times of the day and their random tapping noises coming from the walls. So weird!

The people you run into in life – no 2 are the same! ^_^