One Lovely Blog Award

I’ve been awarded the One Lovely Blog Award, yay! How exciting, my first blog award 😀

Here are the steps for receiving this award:

  1. Name the blogger who awarded you this fantastic award
  2. List 7 random facts about yourself
  3. Award 15 other bloggers this award
  4. Enjoy!

Thank you ‘Charm‘ from all that charms for choosing my photoblog ‘Nguy Photography’ – I am flattered! Please visit her site and check out her lovely pictures!

7 random facts about myself:

  1. In 2008, I donated my hair towards making wigs for cancer patients. Since then, I have never been patient enough to grow out my hair again. It has been over 7 months since my last hair cut… I’m finally doing it! Hopefully by the end of this winter, my hair will be long enough to donate again.
  2. I have final exams June 12-15, 2012 – followed by 1 week of vacation. Guess where I’m going?! Singapore! So excited. For a $200 return ticket – who could pass up that opportunity?
  3. I cherish surprise hugs
  4. I was born and raised in Canada. Going to Australia for med school was my first time away from home. How things have changed but one thing will never change – I miss my family and friends, lots! Can’t wait for my mom and siblings to visit in July 2012!
  5. I love chocolate. LOVE
  6. 2 things I need to use daily: a tongue scraper and q-tips
  7. I have been working on a piece of art for 2 years – I am that much of a procrastinator, how terrible is that?

Unfortunately, I do not follow enough blogs to award 15 other bloggers. Instead I would like to pass this award on to 5 others:

  • Echwalu from Echwalu Photography – A Ugandan photographer. Although his captions are rarely over a paragraph in length, his pictures are truly worth a thousand words.
  • Michael from Life Voyage Photoblog – Inspiring to see his daily dedication to photography – I especially enjoy his iPodography and iPadography series.
  • sdazzle from rantings of a loon – I discovered his blog through his ‘Freshly Pressed’ post Silent Death-Alzheimer’s Disease story-1988. He has amazing photos with equally great writings.
  • Jennifer from Savory Simple – She never fails to inspire with her recipes and her amazing accompanying photos – I always want to try everything she’s posted!
  • Kari from Outside Air – Posts well written, great blogs that are a treat to read!

Thank you again! I hope you will enjoy checking out the blogs I’ve mentioned above 🙂