Writing recipes

If you know me, you know the way I cook: On the fly and without recipes. It’s been great and has worked well in allowing me to make my own dishes and to learn and grow as a cook.

But recently, I’ve become very interested in actually discovering and writing my own recipes by trying new dishes for the first time.

So starting earlier this week… after deciding on what I wanted to make, I did some online research reading a bunch of recipes. Took a little bit here and a little bit there and just went for it Sandra-style.

I’m happy to say that it’s been successful so far this week – I now have 4 recipes written down that I can truly call my own 😀 (The first 2 have already been mentioned here)

1) Apple cinnamon muesli cookies

2) Bacon and veggie quiche

3) Eggs benedict

(Very happy with the Hollandaise sauce (got the Michael stamp of approval!). I had to make it twice because it completely failed the first time. Second time? Gorgeous!)

4) Pear and feta cheese muffins

(My first time making muffins from scratch! I really like all sorts of fruit and cheese combinations so was hoping this would work and it did!)

Of course, I have tons of room for improvement but would definitely love to continue this on a regular basis. Will be slowing down the closer I get to exam time – eep!

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