Update: Buying textbooks from Abebooks.com

Today I woke up to a pleasant surprise.

I received 2 emails from a supervisor and a manager of Abebooks.com Customer Support regarding an earlier blog post: Buying textbooks from Abebooks.com

In this post, I mentioned my dissatisfaction with some of my purchases which were not as described. I also included pictures of my purchases and email communication with the sellers to support my claims.

The emails I received were polite and professional. They apologized for my bad experience and stated that they would like to give me a full refund for the 2 books I mentioned in my blog post – something that was completely unexpected. Thank you.

The supervisor also mentioned that there was no record of me contacting AbeBooks customer support and that I should use it for future assistance. Honestly, I had no idea customer support dealt with such situations. Always thought I had to contact the seller myself because when you look at your order details on the website there are 2 buttons: Ask Bookseller a Question and Initiate Refund/Return – both of which are direct communications with the seller. With this knowledge, I am definitely more inclined to try purchasing from AbeBooks again in the future.

Lastly, because I mentioned Mike’s book in that post, they’ve asked for his order details so that they can make it right for him as well.

A great example of prompt and excellent customer service. I am grateful and happy – thanks again AbeBooks!

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