Food makes me happy

My friend Amin told me that my passions are:

  1. Food
  2. Photography
  3. Medicine

He’s wrong… sort of. Those definitely are my current top 3 passions but not in that order… it changes everyday depending on my mood and how well my studying is going. Haha! 😉

Vietnamese garlic mayo – my mom’s recipe. One of my favourite with bread.

Banh Mi Xiu Mai – Vietnamese meatball sub with the garlic mayo above, meatballs, sauce and pickled carrots. There should also be daikon radish but I forgot to buy and pickle some!

Mike made some yummy guacamole!

Pasta salad with creamy mushrooms, grilled eggplant, red peppers and carrots 🙂

Lemon pepper crusted salmon and creamy mashed potatoes with sour cream and onions

Too much food, haha. Omelette with veggies, salad and bread

Eggs Benedict with cured salmon

Last week of Semester 1!

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all having a fantastic day 🙂

I have exciting news to share – I’m almost done first semester of second year med, woo hoo! What a great year so far – some downs but definitely lots of ups!

This is my last week of school and then we have next week off to study for exams. I have 4 final exams this semester, spread over 4 days – June 12-15. They’re coming up soon!

I’m feeling confident. Not because I’ve studied and know my material but simply because I have to succeed! There’s too much at stake to be lazy and fail. So much stuff to go through but there’s still lots of time to get everything done.

We do not start Semester 2 until June 25 so guess what I’m doing for the holidays?


Mike and I have bought tickets to visit Singapore from June 18-22 – very excited. It’s a place we’ve been wanting to visit and didn’t get the chance to while we were on elective in Vietnam.

You know what makes it even better? There was a sale and our tickets cost only $200/person for a return trip – how could we pass up that opportunity? In addition, a couple of our Singaporean friends are also going home and have offered to take us around and show us the little gems of Singapore 🙂 I’m so excited! I will finally be able to experience epic food adventures I keep hearing about!

So great to have this little opportunity to look forward to but until then… study study!

Are you preparing for exam too? Good luck!