World Cup Qualifier Australia v Japan

Mike took me to see the game the evening of June 12 (night after our 1st exam) – boy was I glad! And for a few reasons:

  • I was getting really tired of studying
  • The game was great 😀
  • Studying for a few more hours wouldn’t have made a difference for me on the exam the following morning

It was a much better game than the World Cup Qualifier Australia v Thailand we saw last year. Over 40 000 in attendance! An action packed game that ended in a tie 1-1, 2 red cards, 2 yellow cards, Australia (while short a man) scoring their goal on a penalty kick, and a ‘womp womp’ moment for Japan when the game ended just as they had set up for a free kick within scoring range.

A group of insane Japanese people behind us who would’ve made any other fan proud with continuous (loud) chanting, singing, telling the Australian players they need to eat more fish, yelling out ‘Let’s have a BBQ together!’ when there were disagreements in the game, and screaming ‘Horseshit’ when the audience was crying ‘Bullshit’ to referee calls – oh awesome fans!

Didn’t take many pictures!

About to start the National Anthems


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