Photo #98: Wall of Tapes

June 05, 2012

One portion of Neo Kim Seng’s Mix: Re / Tape – part of the Visual Arts exhibit on display at the Esplanade in Singapore.

The description from the exhibit:

During its heyday in the 80s, the cassette was the choice format for sound recording. It eventually lost out to the compact disc, which today is also experiencing sharp global decline from the convenience of digital downloads.

Pre-recorded music cassettes return in this installation, reconfigured and remixed not only as cassette clouds but as fragments of walls of cassette shop to evoke personal memories.

The creation of the mixtape in this installation was inspired by how damaged tapes are repaired – the damaged portion is snipped off while the rest of it is spliced back together with clear sticky tape. While a few seconds or minutes may be lost, a remix of the song is created.

Employing the same technique, this mixtape was made from snipping segments from selected cassettes joined together with sticky tape, re-recorded and played back without any editing. The differences in sound levels and quality, including dropouts, are inherent in the re-taped music.


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