Photo #128: The 4-Leaf Clover

July 06, 2012

My family have arrived safe and sound! Also lucky to not have any troubles traveling or going through customs!

My sister received her birthday present from me – a 4-leaf clover charm from Pandora for her bracelet. The meanings I want it to convey:

  • Luck, naturally symbolized by the four leaf clover. Wishing her the best of luck in all her endeavours in life!
  • Emerald green, the colour of her birthstone. I can’t afford the real thing right now, this is the best!
  • Heart, the shape of the leaf segments. Love her of course!
  • The 4 leaf segments, the remaining members of our small family.
  • The stem, small and sometimes unseen, represents our dad. The strength and support for our family!

Please share your thoughts! :)

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