Photo #197: Dukbokki

September 13, 2012

Made Dukbokki today 😀 Although I used the Chinese (?) styled rice cakes which are flat slices rather than the Korean styled logs. That gochuchang (red pepper) paste makes it soooo hot, but yummy!

Photo #189: Neon My Eyes

September 05, 2012

I’m noticing a new fashion trend and I’m not sure I like it. Mainly because I would never wear something like that and it’s kind of painful to the eyes. Neon colours! Almost every store now has some article in bright highlighter-pink, orange or yellow. From ballet flats, to sneakers, to bras, to these tights!

Would you wear?

Photo #182: Home Intruder

August 29, 2012

Home alone and house is completely silent when all of a sudden loud noises emit from the garage. Break in? Cockroach army? Possum?

Nope, just this cute little guy jumping around the cardboard boxes and wreaking a little havoc!

Photo #181: Gifted Journal

August 28, 2012

This diary/journal was a going away present from my friend ‘S’ 2 years ago when I left for Australia. This year, it has become my most used notebook. With me every time I’m in the hospital and full of little notes and details of amazing ‘first-time’ experiences on the ward. Thanks dear!

Photo #180: The Throat Whines

August 27, 2012

Throat began to hurt, then sores formed, then cough started, then green stuff came up… continuously… for over a week. It was bleh! I made the photo black and white so it wouldn’t be too disgusting, haha.

Oh, and Mike took this picture – I cheated. 😛