Food Review: Malt Dining

It was Michael’s birthday on Friday but due to an OSCE practice session Saturday morning, we held off celebrating until that night.

With a 94% rating on urbanspoon, I decided on Malt for his special dinner and we weren’t disappointed!

Warmly greeted and shown to our table as soon we climbed up the stairs into The Attic. Michelle, our server for the night, was lovely and extremely friendly.

Mike started with Konynen Farm Rabbit Galantine with Walnuts, Tarragon, Apple, Beetroot and my entree was Pan Seared Hervey Bay Scallops with Watercress Potage, Compressed Tomato, Black Olive. Wine for the night: A bottle of Yealands Pinot Gris.

Michael’s dish was delicious! Rabbit was juicy and dish was perfectly seasoned. My scallops were a little underdone and two of them had absolutely no sear. The dried black olives added great flavour but the dish was overall too salty, so I was slightly disappointed!

I felt like the restaurant could use a little more lighting. There were only a few dim overhead lights and a single tea light at our table, making it nearly impossible to visualize the colours on our plates.

In such a small dining area, we didn’t want to continually use the flash on our point-and-shoot so unfortunately, no food pictures!

Next, our mains. Michael had Milly Hill Sous Vide Lamb Rump Herb Gnocchi, Spring Vegetables, Neck Jus and I had the Sous Vide Grimaud Duck Breast and Confit Leg Artichoke Pudding, Braised Napa Cabbage.

Again, Mike’s dish was beautiful with the lamb against the colourful spring vegetables, nicely seasoned as well. My duck was cooked really well and had the greatest crisp to its skin. Unfortunately, the confit leg was a little too salty (perhaps my tolerance for salt is just lower than most people) and the dish was not as visually appealing as it could be. Brown duck with golden potatoes on a bed of napa cabbage (which is nearly colourless) soaked in a brown coloured sauce… you get the picture. Delicious, but I think another choice of vegetables would have made the dish stand out more. The artichoke pudding was really interesting, never had anything like it. The outside looked like a tater tot/potato gem but oozed creamy smooth pudding on the inside. Yummy!

Did I mention there was live piano music throughout dinner? Yes! Their grand piano is definitely not just there for decoration!

For dessert, we shared the Passionfruit Soufflé with Vanilla Yoghurt Sorbet, Citrus Biscotti. Souffle was amazing! It had a really nice height and was super light and fragrant. The sorbet tasted like citrus even though the menu said vanilla yoghurt but still very tasty. The biscotti, however, was the hardest thing my teeth have ever tried to bite into. Perhaps I had to let it soak in the sorbet, but it really shouldn’t be so teeth shattering.

I also wish we were checked on while eating. It would’ve made it even more enjoyable to be asked how the food was and be given a chance to ask any questions, I’m sure everyone was quite busy!

Overall a really good and satisfying dinner.

I would definitely recommend the experience to my family and friends… but I do look forward to trying other restaurants before coming back 🙂


Malt Dining on Urbanspoon

Photo #204: Choppy Hair

September 20, 2012

Recently got my hair cut and after some criticism from Michael, I asked him to take a picture and show me. What the heck! I already knew that the hairdresser took my request of “as short as possible” for “as thin as possible” which, for someone going bald like me – is the last thing you want! But I did not realize how choppy and uneven she had made my hair. Luckily, hair is just hair and will soon grow back but never having her cut my hair again!

Photo #203: Macro Gold

September 19, 2012

I bought extension tubes to take macro pictures a loooong time ago and finally decided to use them! This is one of the gold components from my pair of black crystal dangle earrings. Definitely not a perfect macro, but I love the bokeh effect!

Photo #202: 2 Months til Home

September 18, 2012

Surprisingly miss my family and can’t wait to be going home – even though they’ve just visited me for over a month. In exactly 2 months, I will be on a plane to Canada for the holidays!

This picture was taken back in 2010 while visiting my dad’s grave.

5 more weeks of school

I cannot believe there are only a few more weeks of second year medicine remaining… how time has flown!

I’m starting to feel a little stressed as there is still a lot to do before the year is over! In just 2 weeks, I will have my Objective Structured Clinical Examinations, more commonly known as OSCEs. I must pass this practical exam, as well as my written final exams, in order to move onto third year.

The OSCE will be a series of 5 stations and I’ll have to pass each one. We’ll have 2 minutes for perusal at each station followed by 8 minutes to complete the task.

The stations will be:

  1. Taking patient history
  2. Performing a patient examination. This might be focused on a specific symptom/joint or it can be generalized to any given system.
  3. Clinical reasoning. Given a patient’s history, examination and investigation results, I will have to give a series of potential diagnoses with relevant positive and negative findings of each.
  4. Procedural skills. A number of skills could be tested, including venepuncture, cannulation, blood pressure, BLS, etc
  5. Communication skills. Could be facilitating behaviour change, breaking bad news, etc

Am I worried? Yes, definitely! Will be practicing every day from now until then. I am also part of the first batch of students to have their OSCE… scary!

And the rest of the year:

  • Oct 20 – a 10 minute group presentation in front of our peers for Global and Community Medicine. The topic our group chose is “Schistosomiasis in China” – should be interesting!
  • Nov 5 – Clinical Science imaging exam
  • Nov 7 – Clinical Science exam
  • Nov 8 – Ethics and Professional Practice exam
  • DONE EXAMS! Woo hoo!
  • Nov 10 – Halfway Dinner!
  • Nov 18 – On the plane home!

There’s a lot more to do before the holidays, but oh so close! 🙂