New Project: Movie a Week

About a month ago, Mike and I decided that each week, we would take turns choosing one movie to watch at home. It would give us an opportunity to further share one of our interests (without resistance) and would facilitate discussion about the things we enjoy.

As it’s another one of those long term personal projects, I wanted to record our movie choices and thoughts!

#1. Michael’s choice – Total Recall (1990)

Although he had already seen this movie, the new Total Recall was out in theatres and had a surprisingly lower than expected rating on Rotten Tomatoes. A lot of the reviewers said they enjoyed the old one more so rather than go out to watch the new one, we decided to stay in to watch the old one.

Verdict: Thoroughly enjoyed the film. With the storyline and futuristic ideas, I can’t believe the new movie couldn’t live up to expectations. I had plenty of laughs and as usual, could not take Arnold Schwarzenegger’s accent seriously!

#2: Sandra’s choice – Saving Private Ryan (1998)

A movie I’d always wanted to see. After seeing clips of this film in a fan-made music video for Metallica’s Fade to Black, I finally decided to watch it. Mike had already seen it before but because he liked the movie, he didn’t mind seeing it again.

Verdict: Great movie although very long. I think some scenes could’ve been cut and it wouldn’t have taken away from the movie. A lot of familiar actors and many gut wrenching scenes. The portrayed certain aspects of war that we will probably never see again, especially with such enormous advances in technology. Makes me hope that in future years, we will never forget the sacrifices millions have made for the world we live in today.

#3: Michael’s choice – The Five-Year Engagement (2012)

Michael though this would be a good comedy and I believed him.

Verdict: By the time we finished half the movie, we were groaning and wondering when it was going to end. Although we wanted to give up and turn the movie off, we couldn’t because too much time had already been invested! Sure, there were a few laughs and funny moments (all the good parts are shown in the trailer), but overall the movie just wasn’t funny.

#4: Sandra’s choice – Ratatouille (2007)

This movie came up in a conversation and I suggested we watched it. I loved it when I saw it the first time and Michael thought he would like it too.

Verdict: Great movie with memorable characters. We also love food, so may be a little biased. But it was a nice story and didn’t have musicals as fillers which was a plus. And as usual, Pixar animation is amazing!

Please share your thoughts! :)

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